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A Beginner’s Guide to Being a Good Basketball Referee (2021)

How To Referee Basketball: Guide to Being a Good Officiating Ref Every Game #1. Join the NASO even if you just plan to referee youth games.. Some people love being an official for basketball games. #2. Get to know all of the rules for the game according to your league.. At my local YMCA, our youth ...

How To Referee A Basketball Game - The Key Points & Rules

Be Confident. When officiating a game, you are the main authority figure out there and you call all the fouls and game violations. This means that you dedicate the flow of the game and not the players or the coaches. This is why you should referee with confidence and let everyone know who is in charge.

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A Veteran's Tips on Officiating Basketball - NFHS

Do officials bring the same level of enthusiasm and commitment to a lower level game as they would to a state championship game? Do they arrive at the game site professionally dressed and in plenty of time and make themselves known to the game administrators?

7 Important Tips to Remember When Dealing With Referee's

Adjust to The Referee’s. As long as the referees are making calls consistently at both ends of the floor, it’s up to you to adjust your game plan to their style of refereeing. For example, some referees allow the players to play tougher in the paint than other referees do.

The 25 Most Important Things to Know About Basketball Officiating

The 25 Most Important Things to Know About Basketball Officiating 1. Rule # 1: The Officials’ Role is to Control the Game. The official must make sure that the integrity of the game is always upheld, that the game is kept under control according the rules of the game, sportsmanship and personal enrichment (allowing players and

Basketball Referee - The Best Way to Improve Your Officiating ...

In my system, play calling review comes well after we've covered positioning and position adjustments. There are three main categories to video review: Positioning, Play Calling, and Intangibles. Finally, when reviewing videos, you should always take a step back and look at your development as a whole.

Basketball Referee Penalties and Signals - How to Officiate ...

http://sportvideos.com/ and Bob Scofield present this clip for anybody who wants to learn to be a good basketball referee. To purchase this DVD or download t...

Tips for Dealing With Bad Basketball Referees | SportsRec

Tips for Dealing With Bad Basketball Referees Talk to the Referee. The referee should not be making calls maliciously and is likely unaware of his own bad performance. Play Cautiously. A bad referee is more likely to penalize you for aggressive play in basketball since the game is not... Draw Fouls. ...