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Volleyball Blocking

Closing the Block The responsibility of the assist blocker is to join the primary blocker to create an impenetrable block. This is called closing the block or sealing the block because the ball can't fit between the two individual blockers. Joust A joust is when 2 opposing players contact the ball above the net at the same time. Play continues as if the contact was instantaneous.

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A Block Assist. A block assist is a statistic that will be awarded to any player who combines for a block. If you team up with another player (or two) and either of you blocks the ball, each of the players working together is given a “block assist”. This is also sometimes called a collective block. Sealing or Closing The Block

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Volleyball Defense Terms - Block the Ball! Attack Block: An aggressive attempt to block a spiked ball so that is does not cross the net. Closing the Block: When all the blockers join to form an impenetratable wall in which the ball has very little chance of getting past the blocks. Read Blocking or Committed Block?

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closing the block --when a middle blocker moves their hands towards their outside blocker's hands to close the seam or hole between their two sets of hands to close the hole and to prevent a hitter from hitting the ball between them. coach kill-when a coach calls a play that results in their team getting a point from an attack play.

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Closing the Block: Teammates close the space between two blockers to prevent the ball from passing between them. Coach Kill: The opponent fouls immediately after the coach calls a time out or substitution. Cover the Hitter: Attacking players surround a spiker to protect opponent rebounds.

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A block occurs when a front-row player close to the net reaches higher than the net and contacts the ball as it is coming over from the opponent. A block attempt is when the blocker reaches higher than the net but does not contact the ball, and a completed block is when the blocker does make contact with the ball.

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A blocking error occurs when a player goes up at the net to block the ball coming over, but fails to do so legally. Blocking errors are not officially recorded for poor form in blocking, such as failing to close the block or having improper timing.

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This move is made with two extended arms with open hands above their head. This contact does not count as one of the three contacts a team is allowed to make. The same player that blocks the ball may contact the ball again as the first of their team’s three contacts.