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The Maths Behind Roulette: Odds, Statistics and Probabilities ...

Firstly, we consider a European roulette table, so that there are thirty-six numbers which are red and black, and a green zero. Placing an outside bet (e.g on red) gives you an 18/37 chance of winning, similarly for black.

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The mathematics of roulette is just fractions and multiplication. The mathematics of roulette isn't too difficult. It's essentially working out the individual probabilities of winning, and multiplying them together to work out overall probability of winning over multiple spins.

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Roulette odds and math is simpler than the math used in most casino games. With just a little bit of education and practice, you can use math as well as anyone else when you play roulette. The odds set the house edge and the return percentage when you play roulette.

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The entire mathematics of roulette, along with the main categories and sub-categories of improved betting systems whose data fill dozens of tables, can be found in the book ROULETTE ODDS AND PROFITS: The Mathematics of Complex Bets. The book presents a rigorous mathematical model for the roulette bets, which can be generalized to several types of betting.

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Using Math in Roulette The American Roulette wheel, as we all know, has 38 boxes in all, one more than the European wheel. By the law of averages, you should be able to zero in on a winner after every 38 spins of the American Roulette wheel.

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American Roulette Mathematics. A total of 36 red and black slots are available on the roulette wheel when it comes to playing American roulette. There are also two green slots, representing the 0 and 00 positions on the wheel. The probability of landing the ball on Red can be calculated by dividing the number of red slots by the total number of slots.

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The Mathematics. You may think roulette computers are always sophisticated pieces of hardware. In actual fact, most are very simplistic, although people that sell them want to you believe it is space-age technology. Here I will explain the simplest possible roulette computer algorithm, and it is used by almost every roulette computer.

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What Einstein actually meant was that there is no mathematical trick that can help you win at roulette. Each spin is an independent trial and, in the long run, the casino will win.