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How Tennis Balls Help Make Drastic Improvements with Receivers

For the more advance, you can adjust this drill by: A. Having the players lie face down on the ground, then jump up as ball is thrown. B. Have the players run in place (facing the thrower) then as ball is throw, players turn to catch ball. This is a simple drill, however I have seen drastic improvements with receivers, after implementing this drill in practice.

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Instruct your receiver to turn around so his back is to the wall and have him face you. Throw the ball and tell your player to quickly turn around and catch it before it bounces on the ground. Hand-Eye Drills. Stand 5 to 6 feet from your player with a couple of tennis balls. Toss a ball and have him catch it with either his right or left hand.

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Wide Receiver Drills: Colored Tennis Balls – Diagram 2. Align on the sideline. Players are assigned numbers, such as 1 through 6. They start with their backs turned. When a player’s number is called, he makes a quick turn and yells the color of the ball thrown to him before he makes the catch.

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What we want is to teach them the importance of using their feet to get them into good receiving position. The drill Using tennis balls the [tag]baseball coach[/tag] hits or throws the tennis balls, first medium height, then higher and higher (a tennis racket really works well when you want to hit them high).

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The VILLANOVA drill is a 10-yard box that requires three footballs and three cones/chutes. A coach should manage any ball drills that require three or more balls. The receiver takes off from the sideline running toward cone/chute one where he breaks down and makes a 45-degree curl break and catches ball one.

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This Wide Receiver Grab Ball Drill is designed to help the player become aware of tucking the ball away after catching it and covering it up. Kneeling Catch Drill This WIde Receiver Kneeling Catch Drill demonstrates to the players the correct way to dive and catch a ball and fall properly.